Labor Law

HR management is one of the toughest challenges for foreign investors in China and Asia-Pacific. This challenge arises from great cultural differences, a very dynamic business environment with high turnover of skilled employees, aggressive competition by local and international players: taking good care of your team is difficult, yet crucial to improve efficiency and enhance performance.

Labor regulations are usually protective towards employees. This imposes a burden on employers to justify any dismissal or job re-adjustment decisions, even in cases of serious misconduct by the employees.

Labor regulation compliance is a fundamental business tool as it allows achieving:

  • good HR management;
  • more freedom to take HR choices;
  • greater control of internal affairs;
  • prevention of internal conflict of interests;
  • avoid employee misconducts (harassment, bribery, etc.)

HFG key services

  • Drafting / revising labor contracts
  • Drafting / revising company labor handbook & policies
  • Drafting / revising R&D personnel/invention ownership
  • Internal corporate policies (confidentiality, conflict of interests, internal controls, etc.)
  • Non-competition breach
  • Labor arbitration and litigation