HFG is one of the top 100 Trademark Agencies in China!

On November 22nd, China Trademark and IPHouse jointly released the list of "Top 600 Trademark Agencies in China" under the guidance of China Trademark Association, and a total of 600 trademark agencies were rated as 5A, 4A and 3A agencies in terms of their service capacity of trademark agency.

Based on the data-based ranking model, out of 32,000 registered in the CNIPA, 600 trademark agencies were evaluated. Based on service capabilities, these agencies were classified as 5A (100 agencies), 4A (200 agencies) and 3A, (300 agencies).

Thanks to its excellent performances, HFG has been ranked 5A!

Congratulation to all the team!

Some numbers

HFG has a passing rate of 85% in the preliminary examination of trademark applications.

As Opposer, the winning rate of trademark opposition cases was 68.59%, as Trademark Applicant, the winning rate of trademark opposition cases was 85.71%, and the winning rate of opposition cases was 68.92%.

The average winning percentage in trademark review cases was 63.41%: as an attacking party it was 63.21%, and as a defendant it was 69.23%.

Full ranking here (in Chinese)

 For the table with all the indicators and numbers of HFG see the PDF below (in Chinese)