XClass* is a database which contains all the goods and services that can be validly designated in a trademark application in China according to the relevant regulation from SAIC. 

Goods and services are divided into classes (same as Nice Classification) and subclasses (peculiarity of the Chinese system).

Moreover, goods and services are linked by XClass to other goods and services which are considered as similar according to the similarity/dissimilarity rules issued by SAIC.

NOTE: *The tool XClass is designed by HFG professionals as a guide to the Chinese classification of similar goods and services released and updated by SAIC CTMO based on the International NICE publication. HFG has created this as a tool, however we strongly recommend you still consult a legal advisor when registering your trademark within the Chinese NICE system. If you’d like to talk to one of our team, contact us here.

To view our XClass Tutorial visit here.

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