LatAm&Spanish Desk

HFG Latin America&Spanish Desk offers a wide range of legal services with customized solutions in the Intellectual Property field, data protection and privacy, Commercial Contracts and Corporate affairs.

The leading lawyer, trained and admitted to practice in Spain, developed strong experience in Chinese, Spanish and Latin American legal system, jurisprudence and practice, and can render advanced legal services to companies operating in China.

HFG also represents Chinese companies doing business in Europe and Latin America.




Daniel de Prado Escudero

Daniel De Prado Escudero is Senior Legal Counsel at HFG Law & Intellectual Property in China.

As a lawyer at a Chinese law firm, with great expertise in intellectual property rights, privacy, data protection and corporate affairs in China, he advises companies on those fields in China.

Daniel is a member of the European Communities Trademark Association (ECTA) and member of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), being also part of the Committee for Anti-Piracy affairs at ASIPI.

Since 2016 Daniel has worked as an expert for the International desk at HFG Law & IP in Shanghai. Before that he worked as an inhouse counsel for two multinational Spanish companies and the leading IP firm in Spain Pons IP. 

Having worked as a lawyer at leading law firms and companies in Europe, and having graduated in Spain (Bachelor) and then Master of Laws in International Legal Practice from the Institute for Law & Economics (ISDE) in Madrid, Daniel is well positioned to advise clients on intellectual property cases with a European/Chinese dimension. Daniel is fluent in English, Spanish and has a basic understanding of Mandarin.